About Us
Initial Encounter Offers a Personal Touch

It's a proud grandma who displays her grandchildren's names inside a heart on her sweatshirt. It's a loyal employee who advertises the company’s logo on his jacket. It’s a boastful athletic team that flaunts a newly-won championship on their hats...and it’s a high-tech, yet congenial, embroidery and monogramming store in Pequannock called Initial Encounter that’s helping to furnish all of this personalized apparel.

This unique gift store, owned and operated by Donna Cetani since 1990, specializes in computerized embroidery and monogramming of merchandise. With state-of-the-art computerized embroidery machines, Initial Encounter has the capability of meeting single garment or bulk orders equally well. Initial Encounter also offers heat sealing - an alternative to silk screening - with repeat orders that do not require another set-up charge. Heat seal orders require a much lower minimum than silk screening.

You will find many items for every holiday and event like baby showers. In fact, we specialize in single-piece orders, creating one-of-a-kind embroidered garments and gifts.

Initial Encounter is a favorite place among school booster organizations. They like the store’s ability to personalize each item in a bulk order. Parents love the idea of creating apparel that not only supports an activity or sport, but is also personalized for their own child. For example, parents of a child in a school band can purchase sweatshirts highlighted with the instrument their child plays.

Customers can choose from thousands of stock embroidery patterns, or we can create something original just for them. Using business letterhead or artwork, we can duplicate those designs exactly. Our computerized embroidery system enables us to merge intricate designs with lettering in any True-Type font available. For instance, one of our most challenging jobs was creating vestments for a local priest who recreated designs which included religious symbols that haven’t been used in half a century.

You'll discover that another great feature of doing business with Initial Encounter is that you can bring in your own items to be embroidered. Whereas most embroidery shops will not work on items purchased elsewhere, we enjoy helping you make your own items even more special. If you want to monogram towels and have found a great deal on them at a department store, go ahead and buy them; then bring them in for monogramming.

Initial Encounter makes the creation of every item a personal adventure. We try to treat every customer in a special way because each one is creating something personal and unique.

Fortunately for us, it’s getting harder to keep the origin of embroidered or monogrammed merchandise in our area a secret. When people see others sporting quality personalized items, they now ask, “Did you get that at Initial Encounter?”

Due to the unique nature of embroidered goods, there are no returns or refunds. Store credit can be given only on defective merchandise.

Initial Encounter is a member of the National Network of Embroidery Professionals since 1998.

Of course, there are so many other items available, it's impossible to list them all! Here are just a few:

Athletic wear
Baby Gifts
Band uniforms
Bar towels
Baseball caps
Bridesmaid gifts
Bucket hats
Dance wear
Denim shirts
Dress shirts
Duffel Bags
Firefighter gear
Fleece throws
Golf shirts
Golf towels
Groomsmen gifts
Hand towels
Henley shirts
Overnight Case
Police gear
School Uniforms
Sports uniforms
Stadium Blankets
Travel Bags

Have an item not on this list? Let us know what it is and we'll find it for you!